A passion that comes from afar, in order to go far

SMR was founded by the Castagna family, which had been active since the 1960s in the dyeing and dry-cleaning industry, with a lifelong dream in mind: to make its thirty years of know-how gained from working on garments and fabrics available to the industry.


A new home created especially for you

The new headquarters, specifically designed for the complex world of garment finishing, is inaugurated. Cutting-edge spaces and equipment result in efficiency, precision, quality and speed of execution. We bring your garments to life here.


Do it with denim!

The staff are upgraded with highly qualified professional figures, the range of processing offered is expanded and creativity is added to the established production capacity. The acquired know-how leads SMR to collaborate with the top Made in Italy brands.


In continuous evolution

SMR renews its facilities and equipment to offer its partners increasingly customised solutions. The new workshop and showroom are creative spaces where we listen to your needs, analyse trends and where innovative ideas come into being.


Going for it

Laser and thermal transfer applications are introduced, which combine graphics with washing & dyeing processes. This results in very high quality standards and extreme speed of execution, even with the most complex treatments.


Green-Digital – part 1

SMR embraces "Industry 4.0": owing to an extensive renewal of the equipment fleet and adopting an interconnected production management system, water consumption is cut by half and specific processes dedicated to the knitwear sector are introduced.


Green-Digital – part 2

SMR installs a 230 kW photovoltaic system that guarantees a high share of self-consumption of the energy produced. Attention to the environment is also expressed through the exclusive use of certified eco-friendly products.


SMR is…

A modern, professional and reliable company capable of making your garments unique. This is a family living in the present with sensitivity, which experiments with new techniques and rediscovers lost ones, respecting the environment and people’s health.